Automotive and Automotive Safety

Other businesses;

Automation Systems Integration
Automotive and Automotive Safety
Battery Manufacturing
Building and Construction
Electrical and Chip Manufacturing
Machining and Tooling
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Personal Care and Houseware
Plating Industry


Pyrotechnic Powder Load Machines
Volumetric Weigh Fill
Cupping and Seat Machines
Tefzel Cup Feed and Placement
Laser Lead Wire Weld Machine
Helium Leak Test Machines
Flange Crimp and Press Machines
Final Electrical Testing Machines
Sprue Cutoff Machines
Manual Workstations
Bridgewire Welding Machines
Serial Number Etchers
Barcode Print/Apply Machines
Barcode Print/Apply/Etch Machines
Final Electricaltess/Helium Leak/Weight Check Machines


Autoliv/OEA Europe
Pyrotechnic Powder Load Machine



Daicel Chemical Industries
Pyrotechnic Powder Load Machines
Volumetric Fill Machines
Automatic Powder Load and Cup Machines 


Dana Corp
Clutch Spring Assembly Machine


Gates Rubber Co.
Oil Drip and Mist Belt Test Machine
V-8 Twin Belt Test Machine
Chrysler Twin Belt Test Machine
Application Rigs and Misc. Tools
Head Oil Supply System and Test Machine
Ford Inline Valve Train Belt Test Machine
Experimental Belt Test Equipment
BMW Belt Test Equipment
Water Drip Test Machine
Harley Davidson & Buell Belt Testers


Pyroindustries (France)
Pyrotechnic Volumetric Loading Machines
Cup and Seat Machines
Tefzel Cup Feed and Placement.

Inc. Universal Propulsion Co. (UPCO)